The Natural Cures for Baldness

Hairloss can be genetic or it reflects medical problems which are treatable. The latter include:

1) Low IRON

2) Stress or Infection: Hair Loss and thinning can be seen 6-9 months after any severe stress or infection called "Telogen Effluvium". Hair grows back after 3-9 months after stress resolves.

3) Hormonal Imbalance: Low Thyroid can result in hair loss, if the hair loss is in front of the scalp, the cause could be excess testosterone (men) or too low in estrogen (women)

4) Autoimmune Dysfunction: If spotty bald patches, see dermatologist, this is caused by autoimmune related e.g: alopecia areata

Recommended Supplements:

1) Multi Nutrient powder

2) Iron, take an iron supplement until your ferritin blood test is over 100ng/ml

3) Biotin, can help strong hair or nails.

4) Saw palmetto for hair loss in front of the scalp for men

5) Minoxadil (rogaine) is sometimes modestly effective for localized hair loss, at a high cost but reasonably safe.

Natural Cures for Anxiety

Anxiety can be caused by:

1) Overactive Thyroid especially if you have weight loss, racing heart/palpilations or sweating.

2) Low progesterone and estrogen. It can be seen in woman approaching menopause, and can occur 5-12 years before periods stop and tests for menopause become positive.

3) Low testosterone in men especially beginning in or one's late 40's

4) Adrenal gland fatigue, suspect if you get irritable when hungry or sugar crave.

5) Suppressing feelings if you are in anger/ fear is buried, so you are not aware of it, it will come out as hyperventilation.

This is associate with panic attacks with intermittent inability to take a deep enough breath, numbness and tingling around your lips and in your fingers, and feeling like you are going to die. Though Scary, it is not dangerous.

Natural Cures for Anxiety:

1) Walk in sunshine : increase your exercise (especially walking in the sunshine). This is a great stress reliever.

2) Avoid Sugar and Caffein while green tea is okay.

3) Take B Complex vitamin, such as B1, B3,B5 and B6 vitamin.

4) Take magnesium, it works as anti-stress mineral as it relaxes muscle and relieves tension.

5) Theanine which comes from green tea is another source of outstanding treatment for anxiety.

6) Express your anger in a good way.

Thats all, hopes that helps a lot.

Natural way to loose 10 pounds in a week

These are the 8 steps that can help you to loose 10 pounds in a week. It may look easy, but can you really do it?

1) Detoxing your body - Drink Lemon juice, ginger and honey mixed with water or acai berry, blueberries or cranberries to detox your body.

2) Change your rule of eating. Reduce the Carbohidrates and any fried food.

3) Take more fruits such as apples and oranges.

4) Instead of munching on junk food, replace it with beans.

5) Dont skip your breakfast nor delay your eating schedule.

6) Have a smaller meal but frequent intake, so you wont go hungry.

7) Drink a lot of plain water

8) Keep yourself busy, and so you dont really think much about eating more than you have to.

Oh ya, dont forget to exercise.

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The Natural way of avoiding chemical-laden vegetables

In supermarkets, Vegetables and fruits always seems to look fresh, ripe and tasty. But is it safe from chemical poisons?

Nowadays, many farm uses pestisides, weedicides and fungicides.

In recent analysis, all vegetables are safe except for some leafy vegetables such as chinese spinach and red chillies and fruit types such as tomato, cucumber, brinjal, bitter gourd and young corn.

Bean and squash samples, as well as root type vegetables like carrot, potato, onion , ginger and ground nuts were within safe limits.

1. One way is to go organic for vegetables known to be grown using lots of agro chemicals, while buying conventionally grown produce for those which are not.

2. Wash and soak your vegetables thorougly using clean water. Another effective way to wash fruit and vegetables is to fill a basin with clean water and to dip the fruit in the basin and swish it around in the water. This is particularly effective for grapes and other foods which have a lot of surface area that would be harder to wash thoroughly in a colander.

3. Wash it using organic lemon and some vinegar that can neutralize most pesticides.

4. The little stickers on fruit are made of edible paper; however, it is best to remove them before washing. Otherwise, the part underneath the sticker will not be cleaned.

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